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What About: Roulette Systems

Nancy What About: Roulette Systems

Nancy asks…

Meaningful, thought provoking songs?

Looking for some meaningful thought provoking songs.
I enjoy having a nice cigar and thinking. However, I love to have nice music in the background. Songs I’ve come to enjoy:
Landlocked Blues, Lua, and We Are Nowhere and It’s Now by Bright Eyes
Raise your Weapon by Deadmau5
Custom Concern and Parting of the Sensory by Modest Moouse
Hypnotize, Ego Brain, and Roulette by System of a Down.

Any other suggestions?

lucky zieht 200 What About: Roulette Systems

publi answers:

Man, thats exactly what i do too. We are nowhere and its now is my favorite song to listen to while having a smoke.

We have similar music choices so here are some really good ones you would like.

Craig owens-products of poverty
radical face-homesick
radical face-sleepwalking
the veil-the house she lived in
albert hammond jr.-feed me jack
albert hammond jr.-scared
bright eyes-act of contrition
bright eyes-n’en parlons plus
bright eyes-messenger bird’s song
bright eyes-we are free men
bright eyes-it’s cool we can still be friends
bright eyes-happy birthday to me
bright eyes-contrast and compare
the velvet underground-pale blue eyes
the strokes-between love and hate
the strokes-barely legal
arctic monkeys-fluorescent adolescent
little joy-dont watch me dancing
little joy-unnatainable
park ave.-all boy band
matt costa-miss magnolia
regina spektor-modern women old fashioned men
noah and the whale-second lover
noah and the whale-mary
mumford and sons-roll away your stone
julian casablancas-glass
jamie T-sheila
good old war-weve come a long way
the format-snails
the format-dog problems
the format-at the wake
the format-if work permits
emmy the great-24
desaparecidos-man and wife, the latter
desaparecidos-greater omaha

Thomas What About: Roulette Systems

Thomas asks…

Great Rock Song! System Of A Down?

Hey…I grew up being neighbors with a rock band that is called system of a down…Glendale CA. I like I mean I love all of systems songs its just that i like roulette or lonley day more that the others…i dont like the screaming parts and the intence rock…i like songs like roulette and lonley day…what other singers or songs in specifics are alike to these..that arent system or serj tankian….

lucky zieht 200 What About: Roulette Systems

publi answers:

“3 libras” by a perfect circle
“minerva” by deftones
“cold inside” by hurt
“aftermath” by hurt
“lead sails (and a paper anchor)” by atreyu
“seasons to cycles” by 10 years

William What About: Roulette Systems

William asks…

know any dark acoustic guitar songs?

Something like system of a down-roulette:


I’m just looking for something something good dark and soothing. not to soft though i do like metal.

lucky zieht 200 What About: Roulette Systems

publi answers:

Curses-Bullet For My Valentine

Charles What About: Roulette Systems

Charles asks…

Sitting in the coffee shop playing on a gambling web site, blackjack and?

This guy asks if I have a Roulette program, I said the site does,and he said he had a system where he could tell what numbers are next.

So, I went to the site and asked him to pick a number. He said because it was the first spin, he would pick three. It was one of the three numbers that he picked.

I said that could be luck, now pick two…and he did, and the number was one of the two that he picked. I said do it again. He did and this time I asked for only one number,

Now…the number he gave me, was wrong, but it was the number next to the one he gave and said if I had given him two choices he would have picked that number.

Was it all pure luck?

lucky zieht 200 What About: Roulette Systems

publi answers:

I think it had to be pure luck, but what the heck maybe someone that lucky could be useful to you.

Laura What About: Roulette Systems

Laura asks…

Derren Brown Or David Blaine ?

Who is the better magician/Illusoinist out of the two ?? , David Blaine does better small scale tricks which are mind blowing but Derren does his stuff on a larger scale and this makes him the better of the two because it is so much more difficult e .g Russian Roulette and The Horseracing system (AMAZING IS THE ONLY WORD FOR DERREN).

lucky zieht 200 What About: Roulette Systems

publi answers:

Derren Brown! My god i love him

Linda What About: Roulette Systems

Linda asks…

Have any of you people heard of these two songs?

ok well im a big rock fan these are two songs from rock bands but the two songs aren’t metal or scremo or anything that rockish

green day – Time Of Your Life

system of a down – Roulette

if u haven’t head these songs plz listen to them these are really good songs

lucky zieht 200 What About: Roulette Systems

publi answers:

Yes, I have both of those songs in my colection

Time Of Your Life (Good Ridance) was in my top 25 list for over a year, and I barely started gettint into System of a Down about two weeks ago, but Roulette is an awesome song.

Sandra What About: Roulette Systems

Sandra asks…

Any music recommendations?

I’m looking some music. I don’t know how to explain the type of music I’m looking for, but something like this:

System of a Down – Lonely Day
System of a Down – Roulette

Many of you may know the type of music from that band but I’m not looking that much heavy, I only like 4 songs from them, but right now I’m looking music similar to those two songs that I mentioned above.

Doesn’t matter the band or if it is about love, life, destiny or whatever as long is close the same style or rhythm.

Thanks everyone ^_^

lucky zieht 200 What About: Roulette Systems

publi answers:

1. Under the Bridge- Red Hot Chili Peppers
2. Wake Me Up When September Ends
3. Thank You- Led Zeppelin
4. Here Today- Paul McCartney
5. Blowing in the Wind- Bob Dylan
6. Wot’s… Uh The Deal- Pink Floyd

Links are below.

1. Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AHvch2OqzE
2. Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOwmojErr_M&feature=related
3. Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmQMrpsQwfk
4. Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjwnWU6OsaI
5. Http://listen.grooveshark.com/#/s/Blowing+In+The+Wind/5ZPkd
6. Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Rr83J1k1ik

Chris What About: Roulette Systems

Chris asks…

How do I know if this shy girl likes me?

Okay so im in high school and there’s this girl I can’t stop thinking about and I used to get choked up when I tried talking to her (but Im getting better about not choking up) and I get real weak when she looks at me or if I see her. And all I ever said was “hey” in the hall and she looks at me and says “hi” but she always seems to be holding somthing back because when she does look at me she pulls her lips in and never says nothing more. But when my friend does it she smiles and says hey. But I never had “sexual visions” about her, I just like her so much. She has the most sweetest sounding voice(at least I think she does) and her look is so beautiful to me I just want to tell her but I don’t wanna look stupid… and when we’re in the hall I can notice her looking at me sometimes and same way in the cafeteria. And I always notice how she smiles at my friends when they say “hi” it always makes me feel hurt and alone. I just don’t understand how other people make her smile when they say hey, but when I do she always looks nervous and says hey. And when I think of her the song “roulette” by “system of a down” describes how I feel- its just so hard to explain the feelings I have for her. And I always think I never have a chance with her but then when I see her my feelings get stronger and stronger. And I pray to god almost every night that he will give me the strength to talk to her and be around her because she like kryptonight to me- closer I get the weaker I am. I have a real bad habbit of blushing. So I just want to know if she sounds like she likes me

Oh and I would like a girl to answer this please- thanks

lucky zieht 200 What About: Roulette Systems

publi answers:

You are a shy guy and she is shy too
so how about complimenting her ..lyk sweet small compliment
and then asking her out
u are d guy , you gotta do this! And get over your shyness or your prospects of getting a gf would be less
so take her as a challenge

Michael What About: Roulette Systems

Michael asks…

write me your favourite band and song!!!!?

mine is system of a down-roulette

lucky zieht 200 What About: Roulette Systems

publi answers:

Hmmm i can’t choose between:
system of a down- chic n stu
seether- diseased

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