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What About: Roulette Systems

Mary What About: Roulette Systems

Mary asks…

what songs can i add to this playlist about this situation?

my boyfriend of 5 monthes couldn’t care about me less. he never wants to see me, talk to me, or anything like that. he ignores me all day long, but he’ll hug and talk to other girls (1 specifically i want to kill haha), and talk about me to people in our homebase. i REALLY want to try and get over him. no comments on the bad relationship please lol.

here’s what i have on the playlist so far:

diary of jane (acoustic) – breaking benjiman
over and over – three days grace
roulette – system of a down
the ghost of you – my chemical romance
all or nothing – theory of a deadman
scar tissue – red hot chilli peppers
breathe – breaking benjiman
gone forever – three days grace
i don’t care – apocalyptica
i hate everything about you – three days grace
stay together for the kids – blink-182
make up your mind – theory of a deadman
broken – seether ft amy lee
home – three days grace
it’s been a while – stain’d

i appreciate the help =D

lucky zieht 200 What About: Roulette Systems

publi answers:

Hate (I really don’t like you) – Plain White T’s
You give love a bad name – Bon Jovi
(as buhlue said)

Over and under – Egypt Central
Just another lie – Egypt Central
Gives you hell – All American Rejects
In too deep – Sum 41
Without you – Hinder
Don’t stay – Linkin Park
Last train home – Lost Prophets
Rest in pieces – Saliva

those are just some off the top of my head.
Hope it helps ^_^

William What About: Roulette Systems

William asks…

Is it true that even if you’re allergic to a sting, the 1st time is OK?

I’ve heard the first time you get stung by an insect, like a bee or wasp, you’ll have a normal/mild reaction, even if you happen to have an allergy to the venom. It’s the SECOND time you get stung by the same insect that your immune system goes haywire and makes an allergic reaction. And each sting after that, the reaction is either the same level, or worse.

Is this true, or is it possible to have a semi-bad reaction the first time? I’m just curious, because when I was stung by a wasp, I had a normal reaction, nothing allergic. In fact, it was extremely mild! icon smile What About: Roulette Systems At first I was pleased, but then I realized that who knows? I might have a BAD reaction the second time. Is there ANY way to predict, or any clues after the first sting, that you’re going to develop an allergic reaction next time? (I don’t like the feeling of playing Russian Roulette!)

For what it’s worth, I have no allergies to medications, latex, chemicals, etc. Just raw pineapple and raw walnuts!

lucky zieht 200 What About: Roulette Systems

publi answers:

NO! That is not true.

Linda What About: Roulette Systems

Linda asks…

I have cracked roulette , i got the system?

okay so today i bet on red after black came up three times and it won !!!
i did it again and lost , but then doubled my bet and won !!!
i came out 40dollars richer !
i think ive cracked roulette ! has anyone else beat the casino like myself ?

lucky zieht 200 What About: Roulette Systems

publi answers:

This is garbage. The house edge simply cannot be beaten. What happens when black or red hit 10 times in a row which is inevitable but just a matter of when?

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