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What About: People Roulette Girls

Lizzie What About: People Roulette Girls

Lizzie asks…

how much trouble will i get in on chatroulette?

i was on chat roulette and me and this girl (over 18) were talking for sometime and we were doing some things. she clicked the next button and before i realized it, i have went through like 4 people (it automatically goes when you hit next or the other person hits next) and i got reported and banned, will i get in any trouble?

lucky zieht 200 What About: People Roulette Girls

publi answers:

No you wont! You will just be banned from seeing that person on chatroulette again! Trust me, its nothing to worry about icon smile What About: People Roulette Girls

Paul What About: People Roulette Girls

Paul asks…

Is There Owl Looking People?

Last night i was on chat-roulette and i saw i girl, or boy that looked like they might have been, mental. Anyways, they looked like their eyes were really close together and they were pretty large. They also had a large narrow nose, somewhat like an owl. The person looked pretty much like an owl, and i’m not trying to make fun of them if thats how this is coming across. Im just wondering if anyone has seen anyone else like this or knows what i’m talking about. If so, what is the name of this disease, or mental disorder that this person had?
to Stephanie- I’ve had nightmares too, no offense to anyone, but the face creeped me out so much!

lucky zieht 200 What About: People Roulette Girls

publi answers:

I don’t know, but I’ve seen it before too! Honestly, I really don’t want to be mean or judge anybody… But it scared the crap out of me. I about had nightmares. I would really like to know what causes that as well.

Michael What About: People Roulette Girls

Michael asks…

chat roulette security?

Hi i’m a Italian boy,
few days ago in chatroulette I selected safe mode off, and I set to have more than 18 years, to show the nude and did not see the problems.
I shared the msn contact.
Among the people I’ve chatted I found a girl, I was bare back and I said you want to see? (everything is done in English, I do not think it was Italian)
She told me to show (I had not specified what)
I did and I see my private parts.
Then he took me around saying it was a little ‘short, then gave me the pervert and he said he would have shown my video to the police.
What can happen?
I know I did half a crap, but I believe I have complied with the rules

lucky zieht 200 What About: People Roulette Girls

publi answers:

No comments

Susan What About: People Roulette Girls

Susan asks…

Chatroulette good/bad?

What is the purpose in the website? to talk to strangers? kinda wierd.
I recently saw some pranks on youtube on chat roulette and people say there is way too much penis on it. So wtf is the websites purpose….and is there decent girls on it?

lucky zieht 200 What About: People Roulette Girls

publi answers:

Ur def right about there been alot of sausage! Some girls ok but alot alot of videos are of fake girls, like recorded videos where some fat old pervert is pretending to be a young one! Really for perverts i suppose, i went on it twice and never again!

Sandra What About: People Roulette Girls

Sandra asks…

I like to be naked on chat roulette and do stuff…?

I’m a girl, by the way…
Do you think it’s wrong?
I just think it’s such a turn on when random people see you do that… :S
I will never show myself in case they record
er.. I meant to say I would never show my face**

lucky zieht 200 What About: People Roulette Girls

publi answers:

Yes it’s wrong.

I don’t want to see that when I go on there.

Linda What About: People Roulette Girls

Linda asks…

Why do people hate Rihannas and.her so much?

I think her music is good, ESP album good girl gone bad like songs disturbia, umbrella, shut up and drive, take a bow. They sound good, catchy and have meanings. I normally.dont Like slow music but the lyrics r really good.
Also i.can relate to love the way you lie part 1 and 2, as I have had relationship problems and their meanings r talking about domestic violence.
Her song whose that chick with David guetta.sounds good, as well as live your life with t.i., have amazing beats.
S& m was very catchy, as well as whats my life, California King bed, only girl in the world, so them catchy.
rude boy , Russian roulette has amazing beats.
As a celeb she is relatively a good role model. Never seen her get in trouble with the law, she has respect for the legendary eminem that I like.

lucky zieht 200 What About: People Roulette Girls

publi answers:

Lol you think whose that chick is a good song?

Mandy What About: People Roulette Girls

Mandy asks…

Poll: Would you take this site seriously?

I made a site that is patented and will go live 2 months, that basically you choose a gender then a age group and you talk to random people, but unlike omegal or chat roulette you talk to people not to learn about them but to practice your social skills. At the end of a conversation ranging about 5 to 10 minutes you grade the person you talked to on how well they held the conversation if they were funny ect. and leave feedback on the things they did well and the things they need to work on. And of course they rate you to. So the site helps you get better at talking to girls/guys or just people in general. My question though is, would you troll the site and make fun of people or would you take the site serious and help people and get help. Answer plus best reasoning gets 10 points :). Thanks

lucky zieht 200 What About: People Roulette Girls

publi answers:

Lol I wouldn’t troll the site. I don’t think I would go it but I think its a good idea.A lot of people in Singles & Dating need something like that b/c a lot of them don’t know how to hold a convo or talk to people.

Carol What About: People Roulette Girls

Carol asks…

What do you think? of my story?

Plans for my life: get a million dollars, like that’s going to happen. My life started to be a disaster when all the adults and parents died out. It wasn’t very quiet, I mean. Kids were breaking into shop and hurting each other. It was terrible.

I have to say, I was one of those people. I had to survive and not lot of kids went to the supermarket. Didn’t they know that game consoles and skimpy dresses are going to help them with the future years too come?

I cut and died my hair and drew markings on my face. I grabbed one of my big bags and threw food, my tent and other essentials into it and then I was off. I figured the safest place to be would be the forest; the city would be filled with kids, trying to get their hands onto food.

So I set off. It was scary at first, sleeping in a tent at night. The woods rustled and once or twice, I thought I heard voices but I was mistaken, I think

I ended up in a casino when I was sick of the forest. I needed a tribe who knew what leadership and respect meant. Not those cannibals that thought of themselves as ‘leaders’

The casino was loud and people stared at me when I came in but soon they got back to their games. People were playing cards, roulette and other games. People had been gambling on cock fights, dog fights and even human fights outside and drunken girls and boys were laughing and singing loudly.

I hadn’t been in the city for three months but in that time I stole books and learnt how to hunt and survival. It will be good to get my hands on some water, even if had to trade for it.

I sat on the stool near the bar and leaned forward. My brown bangs fell in my eyes, shielding them from the outside but still allowing me to see.

“What do ya’ want” the guy at the bar asked me.

“Just water” I said still looking down. His eyes stared at me like I was crazy. My black eyes returned his gaze as I raised my head.

A minute passed and we stared at each other until I got sick of it and raised my eyebrow

“Is there a problem?” I asked.

He reached under the counter and brought out a bottle of water. I reached in my bag to bring out something to trade with but the barman held his hand out.

“You seem like a good kid, on the house” he pushed the bottle of water towards me and I bowed my head in thanks.

I got off the stool and walked towards the door.
That guy. Why did he act like an adult? I don’t know. He seemed nice enough.
A set of hands wrapped round my waist and swung me around in a circle. A voice behind me laughed.
“Cleo, what are you doing in a place like this, I thought you went all tree hugger on me.” I turned my head to face the person who had grabbed me.

“Why, hello Arrow. Miss me?” his face spread into a grin and his white teeth gleamed. His red hair hung limply in his eyes, which were still blue. He had grown a lot taller and stronger than I last saw him though

“You do remember me!” He swung me around again and then set me on my feet. He turned around to a group of guys who were laughing.

“You owe me a drink Ace” a boy with blonde hair was sulking in the corner. He stuck his finger up at Arrow but Arrow just laughed.

“That’s Ace, he can be a pain sometimes” I laughed. “Come on and meet them, they are really nice once you get to know them”
He grabbed my hand and dragged me to the chairs they were all sitting in.

Four guys sat on each chair. Ace was sulking but had moved closer. A guy with blue hair looked me up and down .
“its rude to stare you know” i said to him smirking a little but still smiling. he leaned back against the chair and returned my smile.

“okay so the guy with the blue hair is Tom, the guy with the dread locks is Rock , youve seen Ace and the guy with the black hair is Vic. Guys this is Cleo. I met her when she left” he smiled and i lifted my hand in a hi sorta way.

“Why did you leave” The guy with the dreadlocks, Rock i think it was, asked.

” i figured it would be the safest place. well i thought that then” I lifted the sleeve of my bright blue shirt and showed multiple scars.there was a long one streching from my wrist and then going up about 20cm. Arrow was inspecting them, looking worried

“what bit you” Ace had moved closer , trying to get a good look at the scars. i shrugged my shoulders.

“nothing, the Dreamers were in the forest, looking for some people to kill and eventually eat” i said with a disgusted look.
it has no ending yet because i have not finished it yet. i just wanted to get your feedback on it so far

lucky zieht 200 What About: People Roulette Girls

publi answers:

Wow Woman!
That was Freaking Awesome! Really long and awesome!
I read the whole thing and I loved every bit!
You should seriously try making a book and getting it published or something ok?!
That 1 definitely blew my mind!!!
Seriously though, GET THAT BABY PUBLISHED!!!

Good luck!

Maria What About: People Roulette Girls

Maria asks…

im straight and i made out with my straight friend on chatroulette!!?

my parents went to my uncles house in oakland and they decided to stay there until new years eve, So i was hella bored then I invited my friend sam, he came over and we went on chatroulette.com.. we were thinking of ideas to do something funny to the people, then sam was like “we should make out in front of the camera!”… and i didnt have a problem cause hes like my one of my best friends.. we both knew it was just going to be for fun and we always fool around like that all the time..so i thought it was a brilliant idea , then he’s like said that we should take off our shirts and angle the webcam so it can seem that were actually fucking each other, right then and there i started getting a tiny bit nervous but i didnt think about cause we were laughing about the idea..so we both took off our shirts and we got on my bed..we got on chat roulette and peoples reactions were priceless, but then i felt sam actually getting really into it and started going at it, i even felt his hand on my balls, but honestly i kindaa enjoyed it but at the same time felt reallyyy weird..i mean honestly did EVERYTHING, but we didnt have sex.. afterwards when it ended.. we were just talking about peoples reactions and tried to avoid any kind of subject that had to do with us making out..im really confused and i think that he liked it to!..and i kinda liked it but felt really weird, am i gay or bi or what? btw, im kinda going out with this girl, what the hell should i do, tell her, no..what..

heres a pic of me and sam..im the one with the mohawk..


lucky zieht 200 What About: People Roulette Girls

publi answers:

Honestly you might be bi. But you’ll never know if your bi or gay until you’re willing to open your mind to the fact that u might be bi or gay. It could have felt weird that you were making out with your best friend or it could have felt weird because it just wasnt for you. But for you guys to both go as far as you did, i know some men that are very comfortable with their sexualities but even they would be able to say it was funny, but really just not for me. U guys seemed to like it. And there is nothing wrong with that! Explore it more, maybe not with sam but with another male that you find attractive and see what u discover icon smile What About: People Roulette Girls good luck!

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