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What About: People

Betty What About: People

Betty asks…

Why do people who are a victim of prejudice turn around and act prejudiced against others?

My son Britney was tormented and picked on all through middle and high school for being a tranny, but the strange thing is he turns around and picks on black people on the internet. I have also seen instances where black people who have got picked on by white people turn around and pick on asians.
Why is it that people who are victim of these things victimize others when they know how it feels?

Do they believe that 2 wrongs make a right or why exactly is it that people do this?

lucky zieht 200 What About: People

publi answers:

Same reason you get mad at someone who yells at you. We tend to react without thinking, we humans, pushed around by our emotions like a sailboat without a tiller.

Paul What About: People

Paul asks…

How do black people think about white people fighting for their rights?

I have been wondering lately, after watching a Theroux documentary about black nationalists about how do black people feel about white people fighting for black rights. I can imagine some being offended as it really shows that white people have enough rights to fight for somebody else and other black people liking it because it might give them more chance in life.

This may sound weird, but I am directing this to question to black people as I would just like to hear your opinion on this. Thanks.

lucky zieht 200 What About: People

publi answers:

I am a proud African American, member of the human family, and a daughter of Civil Rights and Black Power people.

1. I think that it is fine that other people want to help us out. I think that all people should help other people who aren’t like them.

2. I think we should celebrate the people who helped us. Ebony magazine always had all the “martyrs” on the Civil Rights movement in a few special issues each year and many of them were White.

3. Now, as nice as outside help is, our people should always be self-directed and not depend on the help of others. The “dependent’ mentality is a hold-over from slavery and many of our people still have it. And other people don’t always want to help us. Those points are the major contention of Black nationalists, separtists, and militants in general and actually they are right. How can anyone respect you or your people if you won’t defend your cause and rights? What do you do in times, like now, when Black people really need tremendous help (tutoring, values, relationship counseling – not money) and other people think we don’t need any?

4. We Black people need to be careful to be helpful to others, as others were helpful to us. People in my parent’s generation were quite helpful toward other groups of people and many young people feel affinity with other groups of people. But it pains me when I see other Black people be negative towards homosexuals, Latinos, Arabs, and other people with their struggles.

5. In keeping with point 4, we need to check our own habits and racism. My father was a militant and even he will tell you this.

The C word, N word, K words, D word, W word, etc. (if you don’t know what any of those are, then good) need to NEVER be in our vocabulary about other people.

We need to take care not to be hateful to others even if they have been to us. We need to honor our own people, who fought and/or died in the struggle and remember that these people wanted love and peace and humanity, not chaos and evil. We need to police our own behavior.

Sharon What About: People

Sharon asks…

Why do people discourage others from doing they same things they do?

I find it interesting when people who are say a singer, writer, athlete, or whatever tell people don’t bother to try doing what they do. For instance, a well known writer telling people not to bother with being a writer as they will never make a living at it…and these people ARE making a living at it!

Why are they so discouraging to people who want to do what they do? Is it they really don’t like what they do? They don’t want the competition? Something else?

lucky zieht 200 What About: People

publi answers:

Maybee because the work it took to get there wasnt worth it? Or maybe they’re just hypocrites?

Donald What About: People

Donald asks…

How should people who make fun of people in wheelchairs be punished?

Should it be illegal to make fun of someone who is handicapped? I see people make fun of people all the time who are disabled. What should happen to those people who are making fun of the other person? They cant get arrested obviously because there’s no law and the person who is getting made fun of can’t hit because that is assault! How should the person who is teasing be disciplined then to know its wrong? Yelling at the person who is making fun the handicapped people won’t do any good!

lucky zieht 200 What About: People

publi answers:

Ride in a wheel chair for a week

Sandy What About: People

Sandy asks…

When did white people start to treat black people equally?

For my history project i have to do about black people coming into England after WW2.

I know that white people didn’t respect black people to start with, but i was wondering when did the white people start to treat the black people fairly?

How? When?

Thankyou icon smile What About: People
Sorry for the confusion this question has caused.

I know everyone is still not treated equally.

I just wanted to know when they started to respect them a bit more than when they first saw them?

Sorry, thanks icon smile What About: People

lucky zieht 200 What About: People

publi answers:

Probably in the late 1970s or early 1980s. But that would very much depend on which part of the country you are looking at, and whether you are looking at the biggest cities or smaller towns and villages.

Ken What About: People

Ken asks…

How do people color cartoon pictures with computer?

Hey people,

I am just wondering how do people color cartoon pictures with computer? I am trying to color this cartoon picture I drew. I’ve already scanned it into the computer but do not have any idea how people can clean the scanned image and color it. Is it photoshop? If yes, any recommended sites that teach people how to color? Thanks people.

lucky zieht 200 What About: People

publi answers:

You can save it in .bmp format and open it in paint then color it easily.

William What About: People

William asks…

People getting welfare for doing nothing actually helps people who work for money?

Have you thought of it like this. If they’re sitting on their lazy butts doing nothing (and getting paid subsistence levels), then that frees up job positions for people who want to work (and getting paid more than subsistence levels). If all the lazy people on welfare started to work hard, some of the people who had previously been working might be out of a job.

lucky zieht 200 What About: People

publi answers:

No way do i think like this
welfare for lazy people is just wrong and gives money who do not need it ,and the people who do need it sometimes can not get it..

John What About: People

John asks…

Why people continue to spend as if money is printed directly from a home printer?

People keep on talking about the economy is bad blahblahblah, but I don’t see them saving any money. I see people buying luxury cars, gadgets and etc all the time. The reason why the country has so much debt is that people‘s spending habits are not changing. When are people going to learn? Do they just hope that the government will find a way to make everyone happy?

lucky zieht 200 What About: People

publi answers:

The bill will come due,,,and that’s when you’ll hear some real crying.

Lizzie What About: People

Lizzie asks…

What happens to people when their unemployment benefits run out?

This is happening all over the country. Where are these people supposed to go to get help? Yes, I have already heard some suggestions. For instance, the churches, and the Salvation Army. But their resources are also limited!! Places like these, could provide a hot meal and clothing, but I am quite sure they can’t pay for the peoples rent, and utilities! Can these people apply for Welfare and food stamps now, just to be able to keep a roof over their heads and be able to feed their families? Aren’t these people just as eligible to receive Government aid as the people who ARE on Welfare and never actually worked a day in their lives?
The monthly Index of the newly unemployed seems to be holding just a little under 10%. Has the Government created an Index for those who have run out of benefits altogether, and any hope of finding work anytime soon? The Government says there ARE jobs available such as these census takers, which of course, are temporary. So THEY are NOT a permanent solution to the problem. Then the Gov, talks about these great paying Government jobs! OK! Who wouldn’t like to snag one of those! BUT! WHERE are they? and how do you go about applying for one!?? Does a person have to KNOW someone in the Government to be privy to that information, or what??? The thing is, where would these jobs BE located? We all don’t live in DC!! Oh! and last but NOT least, what qualifications must a person have in order to be considered for the positions?
CarolO – I checked out that site you kindly gave me!! WOW!! The job postings!! You are right,, even a painter would have to hold a master’s degree to use a paint brush and a minor in basket weaving! What is the Gov. aiming for? Hiring the cream of the crop, and the rest of us just fade off into the sunset, never to be seen again!! I took the 62 option years ago, and I am glad I did. I feel sorry for those who still have ten years or more, before they can claim the money they worked for so hard, and might very well find out the pot is empty. God Bless and Good luck.

lucky zieht 200 What About: People

publi answers:

I honestly don’t know how people survive after UI benefits run out. Not that most people can do more than survive on UI benefits to begin with. The link below is where you can find information on government jobs. If you are not already employed by the Federal government, you need a college degree plus advanced education to qualify for a job as a secretary earning $43,000 a year. Jobs are located all over the country, but I doubt that the “average” citizen can get one because of the education requirements. You really really need to be already employed by the government. Entry level positions? No clue.

I lucked out in a way because I was 64 1/2 when my company was bought out and about 400 of us were laid off across the country. My UI benefits will run out just a few months before I’m eligible for Social Security. If I can avoid some kind of crisis, I’ll make it. But if I were young with children, I don’t know what I’d do.

I volunteer at a senior center now and there are a number of social workers at the site. They handle cases for people of all ages. Some of the people who come in for help would break your heart. All the social workers can do is refer them to various agencies which can help them, if they qualify under all sorts of rules and regulations. They also hand out bags of food for emergencies. The agency I volunteer at has free food distribution centers around the city and they are constantly running out of food because the number of people lining up has doubled or tripled in the past 2 years. It’s scary.

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